KIDD WAS SET to move out on the 6th and it took A LOT of prodding (I didn’t even want him to move out in the first place but I pushed it) and I just felt like I needed to go check on him and so I did and then he spewed this pitiful nonsense and I can’t. deal with this I FEEL SO BAD HE JUST ACTED REALLY UPSET OVER IT ALL

and when I visited him I had already done a TON of stuff I didn’t want to lose so I couldn’t reset and by then I was just like ‘aw man it’s okie kidd bby I’m so sorry I made you feel sad you’re not a real person though but you might as well stay for a little while longer because you’re nicer to me than I deserve’

hhhkjsjfgggkv I guess I’ll just have to deal without decorating the town hall for a while because I just feel really bad over this I need a break from thIS ANIMAL ABUSE I HAVE COMMITED